The new
Stable Boots

Support and Prevention

Put on horse legs after a working session, Capsular stable Boots act directly to limit the tendinous risks. The low closure brings a support of the tendinous device. The removable under boots is absolutely weatherproof on the inner side, thus being not absorbed through textile and allowing a total efficiency in the body. The low fastening supports tendon-system.

Comfort and Lightness

Its light foam brings perfect comfort for your horse. It absorbs shocks and avoids echoing vibrations on your horse legs.

100% active and natural

The refill placed inside Capsular is soaked with active ingredients which are once released in touch with the leg of the horse.
The active formulation is 100 % natural and non doping certified by the Horse Races Laboratory. It is developed in partnership with Loën Laboratories.

Helping to tighten tendons

Stimulating Oedemas reduction

Accelerating drainage of toxin


Essential Oils including:

  • Cupressus Sempervirens
  • Cymbopogon Winterianus
  • Eucalyptus Citriodora

They testify

Jessica Genneret

International reining rider

I am largely satisfied with Capsular product, I use it every day to ease the pain caused by tendinotis.

Jean-Baptiste Horiot

3* international horse rider

I’m involved in Capsular development since the beginning, that’s a major gain for the sport and the health of the horses thank’s to its concept and its working. I will use it this year for my own horses, it brings them resistance and durability in performance.

Clarance Gendron

International horse rider

I’m proud to be the first young riders representative of this new company. Capsular, stable boots which allows to reduce the tendinous risks is a real revolution !